EXAMINATIONS Examination with routine cleaning €75
Examination with routine cleaning (child) €55
Examination only (adult) €50
Examination only (child) €40
X-Rays(one or more) €20
Prescriptions €25

½ hour session with the hygienist €60*
(*By law, new patients must see the dentist first before they see the hygienist)

FILLINGS Fillings in primary teeth €65
Minimal preparation fillings €65
Composite (white) €95-€200
EXTRACTIONS Simple Extraction €90
Wisdom teeth €120
Extraction of primary teeth €65
ROOT CANAL TREATMENT (Tax Deductible) Anterior teeth (incisors and canines) €350
Premolars €450
Posterior teeth (molars) €550
CROWNS AND BRIDGES (Tax Deductible) Porcelain-metal crown €800
Veneer €500
Composite inlay /onlay €650
Bridge (per unit) €500
DENTURES Upper and lower (acrylic) €1200
Full upper or lower (acrylic) €700
Partial upper or lower (acrylic) €700
Partial upper or lower (chrome) €1300
Reline €350
Addition of teeth (1 or 2) €120
ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT (Tax Deductible) Full upper + lower braces €3500
Upper or lower braces only €2200
Upper or Lower €150
Upper and Lower €250
MISCELLANEOUS Gum Shields (for sports) €120
Nightguards €120-€140
Fissure Sealants (each) €30
Treatment of pericoronitis of wisdom teeth €50
Crown re-cementation (per unit) €50
BLEACHING Home kit €250
- includes a free cleaning if at the same time
Maintenance €50
Opening Hours Notice

Dental Update

Did you know that if you are a full medical card holder and at least 16 years old you are entitled to one check-up and two fillings each year, amongst other things?

If you are a PAYE worker your PRSI entitles you to one free check-up a year.

Both Medical Card Schemes and PRSI Schemes start on Jan 1st each year.

We offer all patients a reduced price clean six months after their check-up. Ask for details.